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About Our Frosh Week

Frosh Week is the kickstart event of the year, run by the Engineering Students Society to welcome you, incoming first years, to our community. It's the perfect opportunity to get to know your classmates, meet some upper-year students and enjoy university life before the grind begins. 

This year, we're thrilled to invite you to a variety of online and in-person events. We've partnered with some great companies and clubs to allow you to (safely) kick-off campus life in Calgary or to enable you to join in from wherever you might be spending this fall semester! 

Join our ESS discord to stay connected about any updates:

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Frosh Week 2020 Schedule

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8 AM Sept 3rd - 12 PM Sept 7th

Scavenger Hunt

Congratulations to ours winners for the scavenger hunt: Alberta Chicken Farmers! (we'll contact you soon about your prizes)
In collaboration with Mystery Towns, one of our IN-PERSON events will take you adventuring downtown solving riddles and exploring with a small group of students (of your choice or randomized). The team with the best time by the end of the week will all win a prize announced at noon on the 7th. This event will run during most of FROSH week, so your team will get the chance to pick a date and time that works best.

Sept 3rd
6 PM - Late

Virtual Game Night

We’re hoping to create a fun way to connect frosh through games, from online board games to Call of Duty, Smash Bros, and Minecraft. We will have something for everyone.

Sept 4th
8 PM - Late

GNCTR Pub Crawl

Hosted by GNCTR (The Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race team), we have collaborated to develop a system to emulate a pub crawl all virtually! With different themed rooms with games and challenges, we invite you to a night out, at home.

Pub Crawl Item List

  1. Jam

  2. Shot glass/small glass/small cup 

  3. Beer/Liquor of your choice **

  4. Toaster

  5. A few sliceroos of bread

  6. Favourite thing to put on toast

  7. Butter knife

  8. A glass for holding liquid 

  9. A spoon

  10. 15-20 sheets of paper

  11. Marker or other writing utensil 

  12. Small snacks

  13. A quarter

  14. Secrets

** Optional but strongly recommended

Sept 5th
12 PM - 2 PM

Online Clubs Fair

Clubs List:
Just because classes are online doesn't mean that the rest of school involvement stops! Clubs and teams will have links on our Google Sheet to their own private zoom calls that you can drop in to ask questions. This is open to all years, so don't be afraid to drop by just to say hi or listen in!

Sept 5th
Midnight - 3 AM

Movie Night

Our second IN-PERSON event will be playing a few movies at our local Cineplex Odeon in Crowfoot Crossing (91 Crowfoot Terrace NW, Calgary, AB). You can choose between seeing Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse or Mission Impossible: Fallout. Bring some friends and enjoy a classic movie night! Don’t forget to grab some popcorn on the way in :)

Sept 6th
12 PM - 1 PM

Conferences, WESST, and CFES, Oh My!

Come learn about regional and national engineering organizations across Canada and the conferences that are run throughout the year!

Sept 7th
12:30 PM

Ask An Upper Year
Meeting ID: 931 5485 9545
Passcode: 961188

For First Years: Learn about the semester-long Ask an Upper Year program and get the opportunity to meet engineering students to ask questions about classes, school-life balance, university life and culture, and anything else! We know how daunting it is to be a first-year, and especially in a crazy year like this, we want to give you as much support as we can. 

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